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How to convert meters to feet

To convert meters to feet for rough calculation multiply meters by 3.28 and to roughly calculate feet to meters divide feet by 3. For accurate meters to feet calculation and feet to meter calculation following conversion factor is used.

Factors to convert meters and feet


1 meters is equal to 3.280839895013123  feet 

1 feet is equal to 0.3048 meters 


meters to feet converter

feet to meters converter


Meters and feet are units of length in two different systems of units’ measurements. Meters is used in SI units system which is most widely used modern form of metric system whereas Feet is used in Imperial system also known as British imperial system, it was earlier used as local system of units.


In SI system of unit measurements,

1 meters= 100 centimeters (cm) =1000 millimeters (mm)

In imperial system of unit measurements,

1 yard = 3 feet= 36 inches; and 1 feet = 12 inches

Now, 1 Inches=25.4 mm =2.54 cm=0.0254 meters

1 feet= 12 x 0.0254 = 0.3048 meters


Frequently asked questions

How many feet are in one meter?

Answer: 3.280839895013123 feet

How long is a meter in feet?

Answer: 3.0280839895013123

How do you convert feet to meters?

Answer: by multiplying 3.028

How much is a feet?

Answer: 0.3048 meters

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