Saturday , March 23 2019

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How to measure Rainfall

Rainfall measurement

Rainy seasons bring freshness in nature, it revitalize every single life on earth. With the shower of rain the fast growing budding leaves of grasses and shrubs covers the dried and barren land of summer. Very soon by end of July  month we see the soothing greenery texture everywhere. I’m ...

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IRCTC Cancellation Charges

IRCTC cancellation charges

IRCTC is the online platform to book or cancel train ticket in India. Indian railway changes rules of ticket booking and cancellations to meet its expenses and give better facility in railway. It has increased the IRCTC cancellation charges of tickets and specified various rules for Refund of booked tickets. The ...

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Age Calculator

We need  age calculator on various occasions of filling a form or writing on a document. Age can be calculated if you know your date of birth. Calculate your age on a particular date on this Simple online Age Calculator shown below. Also download an excel program of Age calculator given below ...

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How to measure bra size

Many woman or girls in India are confused about the correct bra size or bra cup size they should wear as per their body shape. While buying many women purchases wrong size bra. Wearing the wrong bra size can ruin your outfit. Bra size always varies according to women’s health, ...

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