Sunday , April 22 2018

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How to make a short film

how to shoot short films

Making a film does not only require technical skills but also great creative skills. Short filmmaking is one of the best ways to improve these skills. With advances in technology, the process has become a lot easier now. For starters, you need to arrange a decent camera, and a computer ...

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Online Cancellation of Counter Ticket on IRCTC website

counter ticket cancellation

IRCTC has introduced a new feature for online cancellation of Railway tickets booked through reservation counter  at various railway station . The tickets booked at Railway Reservation Countersor PRS  are called counter tickets. Earlier these tickets are cancelled at reservations counters only, but now you can cancel these ticket online ...

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Flight Ticket Cancellation Charges

flight cancellation charges

Many a times we wanted to know the cancellation charges of Flight tickets while booking much before the travel dates. We know that the Pre-planning of itinerary and its cost is a difficult task.  The major portion of total tour cost is the travel cost and  If the travel is ...

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How to calculate paint consumption

We paint our house to look good. Nowadays with the advent technology there is keep on improvements in quality of paints. Painting a house is not a small proposition now. Huge money is spent on coloring your home walls. The expenses may increase depending upon type and color of paints you ...

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Petrol vs Diesel Car Cost analysis

petrol vs diesel car

Now a days ‘Petrol vs Diesel car ‘ cost analysis is gaining popularity because of rising fuel prices and remarkable improvement in Diesel engine technology. Every car manufacturer is launching, both  petrol as well as diesel variant for same model of car. Diesel is cheaper fuel than petrol, diesel cars also give better ...

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How to measure Rainfall

Rainfall measurement

Rainy seasons bring freshness in nature, it revitalize every single life on earth. With the shower of rain the fast growing budding leaves of grasses and shrubs covers the dried and barren land of summer. Very soon by end of July  month we see the soothing greenery texture everywhere. I’m ...

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IRCTC Cancellation Charges

IRCTC cancellation charges

IRCTC is the online platform to book or cancel train ticket in India. Indian railway changes rules of ticket booking and cancellations to meet its expenses and give better facility in railway. It has increased the IRCTC cancellation charges of tickets and specified various rules for Refund of booked tickets. The ...

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