Friday , March 24 2017

Finance Calculator

Calculation of finance terms, emi, vat, savings, taxes, income taxes, tax returns.

Personal Loan EMI calculator

personal loan emi calculator

We all want to increase our wealth and save for future. For that we invest in various investment schemes. Managing money properly needs some calculations and awareness. Calculation is needed to estimate the return and find the right amount for investment. Awareness is required because time to time government regulate monetary ...

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How to calculate Interests

calculate interest

What is interest?? When we look at dictionary the literal meaning of interest is “something that concerns, involves, draws the attention of, or arouses the curiosity of a person”. Money is something which draws the attention of all.  We do not lend money free of cost to anyone especially when ...

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How to Calculate Saving Account Interest

saving account interest

We all know that bank gives interest for the money we keep in our saving account. Every year in the month of June and December we see some interests credited to our saving bank account. Earlier all banks have same Saving Account interests rates i.e 4%. But after de-regulation of saving ...

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