Friday , February 23 2018

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10 Examples of Distance and Displacement

distance and displacement

Distance is generally used to refer separation between two things. It has a more precise definition in physics as, the physical length of separation between two points. We use the Google maps distance many times while travelling. In physics, we need to calculate distance between various points in order to find ...

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How to Calculate Center of Gravity

calculate center of gravity

In physics, center of gravity is the point where the entire weight of a body can be assumed to be concentrated. There is another term used in science, called center of mass, which is the point where the entire mass of the body can be assumed to be concentrated. We ...

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How to calculate speed of train.

calculate speed of train

In India we have largest network of railways.  It is a cheapest mode for long distance travel. I think every one of us travel through train. Train covers larger distances in less time due to its higher average speed. Train journeys become sometimes boring due to its poor speed and too ...

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How to convert meters to feet

To convert meters to feet for rough calculation multiply meters by 3.28 and to roughly calculate feet to meters divide feet by 3. For accurate meters to feet calculation and feet to meter calculation following conversion factor is used. Factors to convert meters and feet     1 meters is equal ...

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